Anna Reveals How She’s Breastfeeding Son Without Pregnancy

New mom Anna Campisi answers the curious questions of 90-day viewers about her baby son, Gokhan, who was born in Ukraine via surrogacy.

Earlier 90 day fiance star Anna Campisi recently shared that she can breastfeed her newborn son with the help of drugs. Most viewers remember the former cast member from season 7 of the show, where she appeared alongside her Turkish beau Mursel Mistanoglu. The couple first connected via the internet, as they had a great interest in beekeeping, and soon fell in love. Soon Mursel moved from Turkey to the United States to be with the love of his life. Despite the difficulties of a language barrier and cultural differences, Anna and Mursel have made their relationship work and even built a business together.


In the past few months, the couple has undergone a major life change as they become parents. It was in January 2022 when the couple first revealed they were expecting a baby through surrogacy. A few months ahead, they welcomed their first child and shared sweet family photos on social media. Mursel and Anna’s journey to having a baby was not an easy one, and the couple’s son was born via a surrogate mother in Ukraine. Fortunately, Anna found a group called Dynamo Project that helped her safely meet her son in Ukraine and bring him back to Poland.

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The popular 90 day fiance Star has recently been busy caring for her baby son along with her husband, Mursel. Fans are ecstatic to learn about her ongoing parenting journey and how she takes care of her child. During a recent Q&A on Instagram, a fan asked Anna if she can breastfeed after giving birth physically years ago. The new mom replied to the curious fan by saying: “Relactation – I pumped a lot! I also took medication.” The 90 day fiance The season 7 cast member added that it is possible for women to breastfeed without being pregnant, but it takes a lot of work.

Another fan asked the popular 90 day fiance star if she could produce enough milk for her baby, to which she replied: “I supplement with a formula.” Anna also answered other interesting questions about her new mother life, including why she named her son Gokhan. Anna said, “Gokhan was the only nameshe and her husband agreed. She added that the goal was to name his son something “Americans could pronounce easily.” When a fan asked Anna if she had saved more embryos for more babies, she replied: “We have 2 more embryos.” But Anna clarified that she and her husband have not yet decided whether they want another child.

While the couple has just welcomed their new baby, 90 day fiance viewers are already sure that they would make great parents for Gokhan. Ever since love made Anna and Mursel through the hardest of times, fans believe the two would raise an amazing baby together. Moreover, Anna has a lot of experience with babies as she is the mother of three sons, Joey, Gino and Leo. She is already a capable mother and extremely skilled in parenting. 90 day fiance fans hope the couple will have a great time raising their newborn and forming a good relationship with him as he grows.

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Source: Anna Campisi/Instagram

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