And the nominees in the category best (new) local product are… TRELAWNY HONEY PAPAYA & LIME JAM AND AUBERGINE CHUTNEY

Trelawny Honey Hives Director Sheona Muschett is proud to present her Papaya & Lime Jam and Eggplant Chutney. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Clients: Sheona and Paul Muskett

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We started keeping bees as a hobby in 2018 and have since increased the number of hives as we continue to learn about beekeeping. Our mission was to raise more bees to pollinate our community, reduce our waste and live in harmony with the earth.

Trelawny Honey Hives came to life when my two daughters were home during the pandemic and became a reflection of our family; the recipes we love, our sustainability values ​​and our way of life. We realized that many of the items we often bought when visiting abroad, we could make at home. Thus, the Trelawny Honey Hives was born as a small cottage industry.

In addition to canning, we make our own furniture wax using pure beeswax and natural ingredients and sew a range of appliqué items such as Japanese Cross Back aprons, clothespins, napkins and tea towels with fun Jamaican laundry scenes and chicken and goat characters all inspired by the appreciation of the environment. My daughters have since returned to their busy lives and I have run Trelawny Honey Hives by experimenting with new products and sewing projects.

The range of new products:

We are a small apiary in Martha Brae where we hand extract and bottle our honey. We believe that when you shop small, you make a BIG impact. With one purchase, our complex local network benefits from a special boutique experience. We also offer a range of handcrafted preserves using the finest local ingredients.

Uniq Fruit marmalade

This unique fruit to Jamaica makes a unique tart-yet-sweet marmalade. Sourced from the orchards of Good Hope, Trelawny, this fruit has the 2-in-1 power of a grapefruit and tangerine. Enjoy this coarsely chopped marmalade on a warm, buttered slice of toast.

Ingredients: sugar, uniq, limes

raw honey

At Trelawny Honey Hives, our honey is bottled by hand, raw and unprocessed – so you can enjoy it as if it came straight from the hive.

Eggplant Chutney

This classic Indian chutney is sweet, tangy and spicy, making it the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, meat dishes and sautéed vegetables.

Ingredients: Eggplant, sugar, vinegar, sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, herbs

Papaya Lime Jam

Our jam is a typical Jamaican blend of papaya and limes. It’s hard to beat it on buttered toast, but there are so many other ways to enjoy this jam! We recommend adding it to anything that needs a tangy, sweet punch — maybe your yogurt, crêpes, or even your pork glaze.

Ingredients: Sugar, papaya, lime

Three Fruit Marmalade

This is our favorite at home: a sweet and sour marmalade filled with coarsely chopped skin. Enjoy the full flavors of grapefruit, limes and sour oranges from our garden and a local orchard. Spread it on buttered toast, or on a hot loaf of bread fresh from the oven.

Ingredients: Sugar, grapefruit, limes, sour oranges

Where do the ingredients come from?

We believe in supporting our Jamaican farmers whenever possible. Like our homegrown honey, all our preserves are made from locally grown produce, some from neighboring farms and orchards. We believe that supporting local producers has many benefits for everyone, including environmental, economic, social and health.

Where are the products currently sold?

Our products are available in Kingston (Jamaica Food and Drink, My Jamaica, Craft Cottage, Veeva Home), Ocho Rios (Ciao Bella, Better Foods Distributors, Magnolia House at Harmony Hall, Court House Gallery), St Elizabeth (YS Falls and Callaloo ), and Montego Bay (The Collective and Peenie Wallie).

The story behind the packaging of the products

The labels and tags are carefully designed by my daughters. Our logo was created with a bee and we wanted a brand personality to represent our values ​​as high quality products and unique with a simple design. Our packaging is environmentally conscious as much as possible. The style of drawings and font are to show that everything is made by hand.

I made these products because… we were able to source quality products locally and we were eager to offer our family favorites with friends and then our customers we developed.

My first breakthrough came when… we initially joined Peenie Wallie Jamaica, a premium online shopping site in St. James that also started up during the pandemic. Customers were interested in the range we offered, so we launched a website and participated in pop-ups and Christmas markets. Boutique gift shops and small gourmet eateries have been eager to incorporate our range and our popularity has continued to grow as we have become more well known.

The products became available to the public… in 2020 during the pandemic.

Our core customers are... our loyal regulars, boutiques and gourmet shops.

The reactions to the products are… very positive!

My products are successful because… from their unique flavors and the range of quality ingredients sourced locally. We use family recipes and love to share!

I plan to grow the business… as part of a niche market, continuing to create new products sourced from local ingredients.

My big challenge… has regularly purchased packaging materials – paper bags, cardboard boxes and jars, as supply chains are no longer in line with the global shipping problems. Some of our products are contained in recycled bottles and jars, helping to reduce Jamaica’s waste and reduce our carbon footprint. All jars in Jamaica are imported and although we reuse as much as possible, we still have to buy jars. We are conscious of being environmentally friendly with our packaging and products we make.

If I knew then what I know now… I would have started beekeeping sooner, because it is very satisfying! We feel that the bees are now the ones taking care of us. Our garden has benefited from them because they pollinate plants. It has certainly been a rewarding experience and we feel much more connected to nature and our environment. Our bees play a crucial role!

Jamaicans should support my products because… our delicious and original ingredients benefit our complex local network of suppliers and retailers with a special boutique experience!

Trelawny Honey Hives Eggplant Chutney (left) and Papaya & Lime Jam was served with crackers and cheese. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Derrick Cotterell, Group CEO and Chairman, Derrimon Trading Company Ltd and Food Awards guest judge for best (new) local food product, and Trelawny Honey Hives boss Sheona Muschett discuss her products. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Food Awards judge Oneal Johnson prepares to try the Trelawny Honey Hives Eggplant Chutney. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Food Awards judges Maurice Sloley and Pauline Edie take a closer look at the ingredients of the Trelawny Honey Hives Eggplant Chutney. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

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