An Elden Ring player defeats Malenia with an unupgraded weapon at level 1

An Elden Ring player takes on the massive challenge of defeating Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, at level 1 using an unupgraded melee weapon.

that Elden ring The player completes an impressive challenge as he is able to defeat Malenia’s tough trainer, Blade of Miquella, using only an unranked melee weapon at level 1. Elden ring Play continues, and more builds are tested on a notoriously difficult boss, trying to figure out what it would take to defeat it. For some players it can be an overwhelming magical build that takes them down before they can move, while others try to be more creative with their consumables. However, some players just like to see how skilled they are without any level increase.

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Malenia is the hardest boss battle in the entire game, and it’s known for taking some Elden ring Players more than 300 times to defeat it. The boss battle takes place after traversing the grueling Legacy dungeon that is Mikaela’s Halligtree. Malenia doesn’t pull any punches when the player takes it, quickly coming up with a series of slashing blows that never seem to end, one combo capable of easily killing any player who isn’t careful. And when that ends, she moves on to the second stage, known as Malenia, Goddess of Rot, which adds Scarlet Rot along with her attacks. For many players, fighting it face to face with a medium melee weapon can be very challenging.

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However, this is what one player decided to try, fighting against Malenia using an undeveloped melee weapon at the first level. A cliched militia saw no upgrades. By itself, the vulgar militia chainsaw does 126 physical attack damage, which is generally good at level 1, but more important is the fact that the vulgar militia chainsaw gives a blood loss buildup, which Malinia is weak at. Most blood related constructs are used Elden ringRivers of Blood’s powerful katana, but the vulgar Militia’s chainsaw is good for this, too.

After repeated use of a weapon that causes blood loss, an effect called Bleeding occurs, which does a percentage of the maximum health affected. The player relies on this massive loss of health along with Dodges, Timely Dodges, and Impaling Thrust uses, which is one of the Elden ringThe ashes of war that send their enemy flying. They know all of Malenia’s moves at the best times to attack to get the bleed effect, lowering her health until both phases are defeated, and ending the video by showing that they were already Level 1.

As long as Malina remains the hardest boss in it Elden ring, which may change with the upcoming DLC, there are sure to be more people out there trying to take them down in as many ways as possible, whether that be a clichéd unupgraded Militia saw or an imitation. All this does is show how, with enough will and knowledge, the landing can take place Elden ringthe biggest challenge.

Elden ring Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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