All March 2023 events and rewards

Many things are coming to Pokémon GO for March, including Community Day, Team Go Rocket takeover, and the return of the Festival of Colors!

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March has arrived, and with it come many special events for coaches to take part in Pokemon GO. Community Day in March is still several weeks away, but that’s okay, considering what’s close by. New Pokémon to catch, new Special Research and Raids to take part in, and even whispers of Team GO Rocket preparing for more of their dastardly deed.

Some events have already been announced, such as March Community Dayand others are easy to predict based on past patterns, like Team GO Rocket and the Color Festival recurrence in Pokemon GO 2022. Unfortunately, Niantic was remarkably close to a lot of the March action this year, but there was still enough to put the pieces together.

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Fishing mastery event

Catch Master event in Pokemon GO

The first event of the month will take place on March 5, and will run from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm local time. The Catch Mastery event centers around the Tyrogue’s evolutionary line, all with a buff rate boost and a few other bonuses. During the event runtime, the following rewards will be applied to all trainers.

Increased wild Hitmonlee encounters.

Increase Hitmonchan’s wild encounters.

7 km of eggs obtained will hatch into Tyrogues.

Hitmontop’s encounter Pokemon GO After completing the field research tasks.

A special timed quest that rewards 40 Hitmontop encounters for every ten sets of missions completed.

2x XP for successful, great, and perfect curveball throws.

Colors Festival and March Community Day

Pokemon Go Festival of Colors T-shirt

While details of the 2023 Festival of Colors have not yet been announced, it is known that it will run from 10:00 am on March 8 to 8:00 pm local time on March 14. Oricorio will also likely feature prominently, due to the importance of Alolan Pokémon to the festival itself.

The mood for mystery is much the same as on Community Day in March. While it will take place on March 18 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time, with an additional raid running until 10:00 PM, not much is known. Community Days always focus on a specific Pokemon, eg Pokemon GO’s Noibat Community Day in February, granting special rewards related to catching and evolving special Pokémon. There are also many general bonuses.

Community Day Bonuses

3x Stardust for catching Pokemon.

2x Candy to catch Pokemon.

Double chance to get XL Candy for trainers level 31+.

Lure units will last for three hours.

Except for the daily adventure incense, the incense will last for three hours.

Noibat will photoboom clips taken during a community day.

Another special deal for today

Trades require 50% less than Stardust.

GO Rocket Takeover Team

Team GO Rocket Leaders, Cliff, Sierra and Arlo from Pokemon GO in a hazy purple environment.

Last but not least, Team GO Rocket is looking forward to making a comeback in late March. They’ll invade and take over gyms from 10:00am on March 21st until 8:00pm local time on March 29th, using tortured Shadow Pokémon forced to obey them. They will likely have a new Shadow Legendary for players to save, as in Pokemon GO’s Shadowy skirmishes in February, when Registeel needs rescuing.

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