All Anime Viz Media titles have been uploaded to YouTube for free

Some anime are so well known that fans of the genre are expected to know them. This includes some classic anime that can be relatively difficult to stream nowadays. anime like InuyashaAnd Narutoand the original sailor moon So iconic, though, that it’s really a shame not to see them.

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Thankfully, Viz Media has made watching a few of the most popular anime out there a lot easier by uploading entire series and even some animated movies to YouTube. These playlists are free to watch, but they are only available in the original Japanese version. Fans of the spin-off anime will rejoice, but currently, there are no dubbed versions available.

7 anime movies

Inuyasha the Movie 1-4, 2 Tiger & Bunny movies, K Missing Kings, Mazinger Z: Infinity, and more

Inuyasha with black hair.

Although the Anime Movies Playlist Uploaded by Viz Media offers the least amount of content of all their playlists, the Anime Movies they offer still stand out. Of the ten films featured in the playlist, four are Inuyasha the movie 1-4. since Inuyasha Another series that airs on the YouTube channel, these movies pair nicely with the anime series.

Other animated movies available on this playlist include two Tiger and Rabbit films K Missing KingsAnd Mazinger Z: Infinityand a few others.

6 Mr. Osomatsu

75 episodes

The Matsuno brothers from Mr. Osomatsu are sitting together in a row.

the Mr. Osomatsu The playlist is the only playlist available through Viz Media and not the entire series. Currently, only 50 episodes of Mr. Osomatsu 75 episodes available on Viz Media’s YouTube account. Currently, it is not known whether or not the rest of the series will be uploaded to this playlist.

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Mr. Osomatsu It might be one of the more unusual offerings from Viz Media. Since it is based on a very popular manga from the 1960s, modern anime and manga fans may not be very familiar with the source material. Even then, the anime is highly rated for its humor and its over-the-top concept of identical sextuplets causing mischief.

5 death note

37 episodes

Light from Death Note.

Of all the series shown, death notes The playlist is the shortest of the bunch. With only 37 episodes, death note is a series that’s easy to sit down and stick to, even though it deals with incredibly dark subject matter. death note It follows the story of Light Yagami, an astral student who happens upon the infamous Death Note notebook that has the power to kill in name only.

Believing he can use the Death Note to eradicate evil by simply killing whomever he believes to be morally corrupt, Light embarks on a righteous path that transforms him into a monster. Since the series is less than 40 episodes long, it’s a quick but satisfying watch.

4 Hunter X Hunter

148 episodes

Gon is waiting for Neferpitou in Hunter x Hunter.

the Hunter X Hunter The playlist is much longer than some of the other animations on offer. Coming in approximately 150 episodes, Hunter X Hunter It is a very large pill to swallow. However, anime is notorious for series that can run for hundreds and hundreds of episodes, so 150 episodes can be considered relatively tame.

Hunter X HunterHowever, it is a series that has been praised for following the manga very well. There are very few filler episodes in the series, which makes the entire 148 episodes satisfying for fans of the source material while still providing a fun, action-packed story for anyone who hasn’t read the manga. The anime has been praised for its subtlety, and is not afraid to push boundaries. For example, the beloved Gon turned into a monster during the Phantasm Ant arc.

3 Inuyasha

197 episodes

Inuyasha holds baby Moroha.

In addition to the four Inuyasha Of the movies available in the Anime Movies playlist, Viz Media has also uploaded the entire series to Inuyasha Playlist. This series has approximately 200 episodes and follows the journey of the title character as he attempts to find the Jewel of the Four Souls with Kagome, a girl from the future who is trapped in his time.

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Perhaps Inuyasha is the reason why this anime is so popular. As a half-demon with dog ears and stunning silver hair, Inuyasha is visually striking, but his personality and heart also make him a likable character that fans want to root for. Even when he makes mistakes or acts weird, fans fall in love with him.

2 Naruto

220 episodes

Naruto talks to Gaara after their fight.

Naruto is quite possibly one of the most popular names and character designs in the world of animation. Easily recognizable as the blonde ninja in the bright orange outfit, even people who have never watched anime or read manga before know who Naruto is. Actually, the original Naruto It’s almost 20 years old, but the franchise is still going strong. With many manga, anime, movies, and video game series under its belt, Naruto Achieve long-term success that not many franchises can claim to have.

Uploaded Viz Media file Naruto A YouTube playlist to give fans access to the original series. This series is 220 episodes long, so it’s a real commitment. However, this anime is very different from the manga and contains many filler episodes.

1 sailor moon

238 episodes

Usagi and Naru from Sailor Moon.

If there was an anime he could be more recognizable than that Naruto Available through the Viz Media YouTube channel, it should be sailor moon. the sailor moon The playlist is the longest running anime series currently available. Coming in at 238 episodes, sticking to this anime classic will definitely take some time. so he said, sailor moon Definitely worth the time invested.

Although it is not the only magical girl anime out there, sailor moon It is probably the first anime that comes to mind when thinking of the subgenre. Serena and the Sailor Scouts have written a book on how to pull off an amazing glamorous girl transformation. Until now, sailor moon Still going with its latest addition, Sailor Moon Eternal.

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