8 beginner tips for spidersaurs

spider saurs is a new run-and-gun shooter from the fine folks at WayForward. The game puts players in the roles of a rock star named Victoria and an agent named Adrian. Both are called to help a thriving company that has lost control of its product. Instead of breeding dinosaurs with frog DNA to bring them back to life, similar to Jurassic Parkthe scientists used spiders in this game.

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This eventually led to the dinosaurs going wild, which was predictable. Now Victoria and Adrian must defeat the titular Spidersaurs to save the day. Here are some helpful tips and things to know before you get started spider saurs.


8 An easier counter experience

The contrary games are some of the hardest titles from the 80’s and 90’s. That’s one of the reasons the Konami code became so infamous, because it was seemingly impossible to beat the first game without it. spider saurs takes a lot of inspiration from run and gun shooters like contrary.

Satisfying, spider saurs has also kept up with the times by including difficulty options. They’re all fun food preparation puns, including Well Done, Medium, and Rare. It might be best to start with the easiest, Well Done, for beginners and those who play alone.

7 How lives work

It is important to note that there are no checkpoints in levels for the bosses. When players die, they will revive on the spot as long as they have an Extra Life. This equates to classic run-and-gun shooters, or even brawlers, but some modern players may not assume this. When all lives are lost, it’s Game Over.

The save file will not delete itself or anything like that. Players are simply returned to the level selection map. The penalty for losing is minimal, which goes along with the modern difficulty settings.

6 Who to play as

Players can choose between rock star Victoria and retired cop Adrian. They may look different and have alternate weapons, but they both play the same. Choosing one comes down to the player’s preference based on visuals. Do you prefer to play as male or female characters in games?

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The nice thing about this character choice is that it doesn’t lock itself into a save file. Players can choose who they want to be on the level select map. It might have been nicer to get more characters and have them have more varied skills, but this switching skill is also nice to have.

5 There is cooperation

Players can optionally team up with a friend or significant other in two-player co-op. It’s couch co-op only, so if players think about picking this up to stream online with a friend, they’re in for a rude surprise. Players can choose the single player or co-op option from the main menu. They can choose the same saved profile without deleting anything, but every time players want to change the number of players, they have to go back to the main menu. It’s not as streamlined as it could be, which may confuse some players.

4 There are reasons to go back

spider saurs is in no way a Metroidvania. However, every time players defeat a boss, they gain a new skill. Some of the early examples include a double jump and grappling hook. Stages are simple with no branching paths, but going back after you gain new powers can change the gameplay.

If players are interested in high scores, they can go back with these new powers to completely dominate a level. This tip won’t be helpful for everyone, but it may prompt others to try levels at least twice.

3 Stay safe from above

Enemies spawn in from all directions spider saurs. There is no safe way to completely eliminate an area of ​​targets. There is also no innate evasion ability at the start, making it difficult to avoid damage. The best tip you can give to players is to keep their distance.

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This is a run-and-gun shooter after all, so guns make it easy to destroy enemies at a distance. Hanging above the crowd can also be a good tip, but watch out for flying enemies as they can easily confuse players.

2 Get Power Ups

There are a lot of power ups in it spider saurs that’s something it shares a lot with the games in the Contra series. There’s a spreadshot, a laser beam, an explosion that can electrify and chain enemies together, and so on. Players can start carrying two weapons at once that can be disabled using the controller’s shoulder buttons.

Whatever weapon they carry when they pick up a power-up, it will be replaced. Sometimes it’s best to leave the power-up drones alone, which may seem obvious. For example, if the two weapons players are carrying are already good, there’s no reason to try and grab another one.

1 There are eventually more modes

spider saurs is an overall light package that should only take a few hours to complete. Things go by faster when they play the game in co-op. The campaign is not the only mode in the game as two, so unlock upon completion. There is a speedrun mode where players can compete for high scores. Then there’s the arcade mode which removes the story and focuses on the gameplay and levels. Fans might have wanted more like a boss rush mode, but knowing there’s something to unlock might motivate players to try and beat spider saurs faster.

spider saurs was re-released on July 14, 2022 and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It is also available on Apple Arcade.

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