2022 Hancock County District Fair crowned champion in Britt July 26-Aug. 1 | Community


The week-long Hancock County District was held from July 26 through August. 1 in Britt. The theme of the fair was “An old-fashioned fair where memories are made”.

In addition to County 4-H and FFA and open livestock shows, exhibition judging and grandstand events, there were many special events. These include the Traditional Carnival, Picnic, Encounter with a Tiger, Bingo Games, Cribbage Tournament, Greased Pig Contest, Share-the-Fun, Cupcake Wars, Free Malek Fisherman Performances, Tractor Tour to Woden, a 5K Run/Walk, free watermelon and sweetcorn food, and a rodeo, party, and pedal pull for kids.

Tribune events include “All Out Destruction” bus, trailer, train and double-decker demolitions, Grand National tractor and truck pull, stock car races, and an Arch Allies concert.

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Champion Production Poultry- Casey Buffington of Northwest Chargers, Reserve Champion Production Poultry – Cole Lau of Elcon Indians, Grand Champion Mature Hen – Cole Lau of Elcon Indians, Reserve Champion Mature Hen – Jace Hendrikson of GHV FFA, Grand Champion Market Pen – Evie Stromer from Concord Challengers, Reserve Champion Market Pen – Isabel Stromer from Concord Challengers, Grand Champion Special Market Broilers – Evie Stromer from Concord Challengers, Reserve Champion Special Market Broilers – Paige Roberts from Concord Challengers, Grand Champion Miscellaneous Market – Patience Katter from Elcon Indians, Reserve Miscellaneous Market Champion – Sam Katter of Elcon Indians, Overall Overall Champion Market Poultry – Evie Stromer of Concord Challengers, Reserve Overall Champion Market Poultry – Cole Lau of Elcon Indians, Overall Champion Fancy Chicken – Liliana Hill of West Hancock FFA, Reserve Champion Fancy Chicken – Krista Hill of Garfield Sluggers, Grand Champion Fancy Guinea – Ryker Ha ugl and from Britt Broncos, Reserve Champion Fancy Guinea – Cami Haugland from Britt Broncos, Overall Champion Miscellaneous Fancy – Weston Rosenmeyer of Prairie Future Farmers, Reserve Champion Miscellaneous Fancy – Krista Hejlik from Garfield Sluggers, Overall Overall Champion Fancy Poultry – Weston Rosenmeyer of Prairie Future Boers, General Reserve Champion Fancy Poultry – Krista Hejlik of Garfield Sluggers, Junior Poultry Showmanship Champion – Emily Boothroyd of Britt Broncos, Senior Poultry Showmanship Champion – Reid Hendrickson of Garfield Sluggers, Advanced Poultry Showmanship Champion – Jace Hendrickson of GHV FFA.

Overall Champion Dairy Goat: Grace Onder-Bits and Spurs; Reserve Champion Dairy Goats: Joshua Hejlik-Garfield Sluggers; Grand Champion Market Goat: Jenna Pringnitz-Concord Challengers; Reserve Champion Market Goat: Emma Goll-GHV FFA; Grand Champion Breeding Meat Doe: Carolina Klooster-Garfield Sluggers; Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Doe: Jordan Klooster-GHV FFA; Costume Class Champion: Grace Schumacher-Garfield Sluggers; Junior Champion Showman: Lydia Bormann-East Fork 4-H; Junior Reserve Champion Showman: Logan Monastery-Concord Challengers; Senior Champion Showman: Jenna Pringnitz-Concord Challengers; Senior Reserve Champion Showman: Lydia Bormann-East Fork 4-H; Advanced Champion Showman: Jenna Pringnitz-Concord Challengers.

Grand Champion Meat Rabbit: Hannah Barker-Orthel Jolly Workers; Reserve Champion Meat Rabbit: Hannah Barker-Orthel Jolly Workers; Grand Champion Fancy Rabbit: Harley Charlson-Lake Clovers; Reserve Champion Fancy Rabbit: Evie Stromer-Concord Challengers; Showmanship Junior Champion: Weston Rosenmeyer-Prairie Future Farmers; Senior Champion Showmanship: Hannah Barker-Orthel Jolly Workers; Advanced Showmanship Champion: Olivia Stromer-Garfield Sluggers.

Grand Champion Angus Breeding Beef: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Angus Breeding Beef: Alizabeth Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Grand Champion Lim-Flex Breeding Beef: Aaliyah Wicke-Worth County; Grand Champion Limousin Breeding Beef: Jaelyn Anderson-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Limousin Cultured Beef: Jaelyn Anderson-Elcon Indians; Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Breeding Beef: Leah Muff-Valient Vikings; General Champion Shorthorn Farm Beef: Madison Branstad-Forest City FFA; Reserve Champion Shorthorn Breeding Beef; Joslynne Plath-Forest City FFA; Simmental Breeding Beef Overall Champion: Kelsey Kirschbaum-Winnebago County; Reserve Champion Simmental Cultured Beef: Gretta Gouge-GHV FFA; Grand Champion Crossbred Breeding Beef: Cole Lau-Elcon Indians; Reserve Breeding Beef Breed Champion: Reece Schleusner-Garfield Sluggers; General Champion Cow/Calf Pair: Wyatt Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair: Gretta Gouge-GHV FFA; Grand Champion Prospect Bull: Jaelyn Anderson-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Prospect Bull: Emma Miller-Garfield Sluggers; General General Champion Beef Breeding: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians (Angus); Breeding Beef Reserve General: Kelsey Kirschbaum-Winnebago County (Simmental); Grand Champion County Bred Breeding Heifers: Madison Branstad-Forest City FFA; Market Beef: Grand Champion Feed Calf: Wyatt Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Reserve Champion Feeder: Wyatt Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Grand Champion Marker heifer: Wyatt Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Grand Champion Bucket/Bottle Return: Countries Kudej-Bullseye Bunch Shooting Sports; Reserve Bucket/Bottle Return Champion: Trevor Schleusner-Garfield Sluggers; Grand Champion Commercial Beef: Shad Wooge-Forest City FFA; Reserve Champion Commercial Beef: Emma Miller-Garfield Sluggers; Grand Champion Angus: Marissa Muff-Valient Vikings; Reserve Champion Angus: Drew Burress-Ventura Hustlers; Master Champion Administrator: Ethan Schreiber-Wright County; Grand Champion Shorthorn Plus: Sophie Deacon-Valient Vikings; Grand Champion Crossbred Market Steer: Kashden Wooge-Forest Everreadies; Reserve Champion Crossbred Market Steer: Marissa Muff-Valient Vikings; Overall Grand Champion Market Beef: Kashden Wooge-Forest Everreadies; General Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef: Marissa Muff-Valient Vikings; Grand Champion County Bred Market Beef: Kashden Wooge-Forest Everreadies; Highest win rate: 1) Trista Olsen-Winnebago County, 2) Trista Olsen-Winnebago County, 3) Marissa Muff-Valient Vikings and Emma Miller-Garfield Sluggers, 4) Keagen Buchda-GHV FFA, 5) Danielle Nelson-Orthel Jolly workers; Champion Junior Showmanship: Wyatt Eekhoff-Britt Broncos; Champion Senior Showmanship: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians; Advanced Showmanship: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians; Grand Champion Pre 4-H Feed Calf: Lonna Kohlhaas-Clover Kids-Algona; Reserve Champion Pre 4-H Feed Calf: Harley Pueggel-Clover Kids.

Grand Champion Market Pen: Olivia Squier—Northwest Chargers; Reserve Champion Market Pen: Trayce Swanson-Forest City FFA; Grand Champion Purebred Breed Gilt: Cole Kelly-WH FFA; Reserve Champion Purebred Breed Gilt: Tye Konz-Elcon Indians; Grand Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt: Dalton Konz-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Crossbred Breeding Gilt: Gage Konz-Elcon Indians; General General Champion Breeding Gilt: Cole Kelly-WH FFA; General Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Dalton Konz-Elcon Indians; Grand Champion Purebred Market: Nathan Bixel-Britt Broncos; Reserve Champion Purebred Market: Caiden Squier-Northwest Chargers; Grand Champion Market Gilt: Gage Konz-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Market Gold Plated: Tye Konz-Elcon Indians; Grand Champion Market Barrow: Tye Konz-Elcon Indians; Reserve Champion Market Barrow: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians; Overall General Champion Market Pig: Gage Konz-Elcon Indians; General Reserve Champion Market Pigs: Tye Konz-Elcon Indians; Junior Showmanship: Nathan Bixel-Britt Broncos; Senior Showmanship: Jacob Greiman-Elcon Indians; Advanced Showmanship: Gage Konz-Elcon Indians.

Overall Champion Halter Pony: McKenzie Lyman-Orthel Jolly Workers; Reserve Champion Halter Pony: Hayden Hadacek-Britt Broncos; General Champion Halter Horse: Isabel Stromer-GHV FFA; Reserve Champion Halter Horse: Taylor Parsons-Fenton Forwards; High Point Junior Games: McKenzie Lyman-Orthel Jolly Workers; High Point Senior Games: Isabel Stromer-GHV FFA; Highlight Junior Achievements: Danielle Nelson-Orthel Jolly Wokers; Highlight Senior Achievements: Emma Kudej-Orthel Jolly Workers; All Around Junior: McKenzie Lyman-Orthel Jolly Workers; All Around Senior: Isabel Stromer-GHV FFA and Madie Lillebo-GHV FFA; Smile Award: Adamari Barranca-WH FFA; Sportsmanship Award: Jayden Johanson-WH FFA; Maternity Decorating Contest: Emma Kudej-Orthel Jolly Workers, Hayden Hadacek-Britt Broncos, and Emma Schumacher-Garfield Sluggers.

Best of Show: Annual Grand Champion – Casey Ross; Reserve Champion – Bridget Odom; Perennial Grand Champion – Kelsi Odom; Reserve Champion – Jenna Pringnitz; Garden Produce Grand Champion – Wyatt Finch; Reserve Champion – Casey Ross; Grand Champion in potted plants – Paige Roberts.

4-H Posters/State Fair Selections: Cami Haugland-4-H Find Your Spark; Agriculture-Natural Resources-Animals State Fair Selections: Allison Wirtjes-Types of Dairy Cows in America, Brinley Hiscocks-Scientific Method for Analyzing Data, State Fair Alternatives: Alizabeth Eekhoff-Terrarium; Selections from the State Child Development Scholarship: Wyatt Eekhoff-Going Up; Clothing-Fashion-Sewing-Needle Arts State Fair Selections: Allison Wirtjes-Constructed Pajama Bottoms, Emma Kudej-Constructed and Quilted Quilt, Quinten Pergande-Constructed Beach Bag, State Fair Alternatives: Olivia De Waard-Purchased Black Romper, Isabel Stromer-Quilted Pillow , Paisley Van Epps quilt; Food and Nutrition State Fair Selections: Katelyn Beenken-Pop Tarts, Katelyn Beenken-Croissants, Luke Lamb-Makarons, McKenzie Lyman-Almond Coffee Cake, State Fair Alternatives: Wyatt Eekhoff-Dinner Rolls, Emma Goll-Kollaches, Olivia De Waard-Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls, Lexi Malek- $10 Meal Challenge; Home Improvement State Fair Selections: Katelyn Beenken-Wooden Card Table, Luke Lamb Bathroom Plates, Emma Schumacher Sewing Machine Table, Quinten Pergande-Barn Door, State Fair Alternatives: Jonah Pringnitz-Wooden Spool Clock, Easton Johnson-Repurposing a Hutch; Photography State Fair Selections: Hayden Hadacek-Rainbow Horses, Jonah Pringnitz-Puppy, Katrina Ross-Baby, Megan Kumsher-Flag Sunset, Gracie Walker-Night City Lights, State Fair Alternatives: Hayden Long-Dragonfly, McKenzie Lyman-Windmills Winter, Wyatt Eekhoff-Spider, Hayden Long-Palm Trees; Personal Development State Fair Selections: Jenna Pringnitz-Birthday Boxes, Cami Haugland-Ornaments for GiGi, State Fair Alternatives: Kollin Hanson-Lego, Eli Marchand-RABRAI Signs, Emma Miller-Community Service; Science-Engineering-Technology State Fair Selections: Cole Lau-Red Planet Odyssey STEM Display, Jordan Monastery-Recycled Corn Table, Logan Monastery-Reclaimed Plow, Reid Hendrikson-Welded Spider, State Fair Alternatives: Jacob Beenken-Bent Steel Christmas Tree, Ryker Haugland -Bird Feeder, Luke Lamb Cribbage Board, Heather Engstler Oak Storage Shelf; Visual Arts and Music State Fair Selections: Eli Marchand-Army Men Flag, Grace Ostercamp-Tree Oil Painting, Alizabeth Eekhoff-Welcome Sign, State Fair Alternatives: Alizabeth Eekhoff-Pencil Toppers, Aubrey Upmeyer-Cork Flag, Elise Wirtjes-Chair.

Age 4: 1) Deni Richard-Persia, 2) Lonna Kolhaas-Algona, 3) Paisley Pueggel-Clear Lake; Age 5: 1) Brinley Brower-Hanlontown, 2) Jace Wooldrige-Forest City, 3) Coy Crawford-Garner; Age 6: 1) Coyden Paulson-Garner, 2) Reece Richard-Persia, 3) Brecken Bergman-Clear Lake; 7 years: 1) Payton Johnson-Britt, 2) Reagan Diekhuis-Britt, 3) Riley Stortenbecker-Britt; 8 years: 1) Bailey Brower-Hanlontown, 2) Levi Studer-Britt, 3) Banks Upmeyer-Garner; 9 years: 1) Hadlee Laikin-Ventura, 2) Henry Crawford-Ackley, 3) Madison Heyer-Britt; 10 years: 1) Derek Huedepohl-Belmond, 2) Kellyn Smith-Mason City, 3) Jack Schreiber-Eagle Grove; 11 years: 1) Jacob Stomer-Klemme, 2) Quinten Pergande-Garner, 3) Jack Schreiber-Eagle Grove.

Overall Champion – Karen Larson; Reserve Champions – Diane Hansen, Twyla Quinn, Matayla Huling, Judy Sonius; Purple Ribbons – Diana Hayungs, Diane Hansen; Reserve Champion Needlework – Brandi Hoesing; Woodworking Purple Ribbon – Ellen Beenken; Crafts Purple Ribbons – Melissa Odom; Reserve Champion Photography – Jennifer Nelson, Matayla Huling; Purple Ribbons – Dean Stromer, Alivia Horstman (2), Deb Clites (3), Jeannie Diekhuis, Lynell Kohlmeyer, Carrie Lau, McKenzie Lyman.

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