Time to buy honey | the Dakotan

Time to buy honey |  the Dakotan

Provident roommate Admit it. We all have a sweet tooth. We really can’t live without our sugar. Well, we can, but who really wants that? Therefore, sugar or honey is a cornerstone of your long-term staple food store. But storing sugar can be problematic. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause sugar to clump. … Read more

False widow spider warning as experts fear venomous spiders could invade UK homes

False widow spider warning as experts fear venomous spiders could invade UK homes

Britons have been warned of an influx of venomous spiders after a summer of extreme temperatures. The Met Office released a number of weather warnings this summer amid scorching temperatures, including a record-breaking 40°C heat wave. The extreme weather had caused false widow spiders to breed and multiply in the British Isles. The spider, while … Read more

Monogatari est un désastre – Anime News Network

Regarder, monogamie c’est le bordel. Je pense que j’ai le droit de dire ça. J’ai écrit des milliers de mots d’éloges pour le spectacle, y compris plusieurs critiques très positives ici sur Réseau d’actualités animées. Je l’ai couvert d’un front thématique, d’un front d’histoire visuelle, d’un front d’analyse de personnage et, fondamentalement, de tout autre … Read more

The fate of your food rests with Canada’s native bees

Jennifer Lipka stops halfway through her sentence to wave an insect net over a row of late-season flowers on the University of British Columbia campus farm. Inside is a native bumblebee. “I’ve been doing this for a while,” explains the UBC master’s student and native bee researcher, skillfully sliding the insect into a plastic container. … Read more

Bull ant develops new way to fight pain

Australian bull ant. Credit: Wikipedia/CC0 public domain Australian bull ants have developed a venom molecule perfectly matched to one of their predators — the echidna — that could also affect people in long-term pain, say University of Queensland researchers. dr. Sam Robinson and David Eagles of UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience found a component of … Read more

Harmony’s Kayla Shook combines faith, motherhood, flowers and agriculture

Tathel Miller Farmer Rhodes Granddaughter If you go to look up Fields of Faith Flower Farm on Instagram and go to the profile page, you will read these words:Fresh cut flower farm. Keeping chickens. Flowers. Little boys. Living on a small piece of land and a lot of faith.” Located in Harmony, Fields of Faith … Read more

Beekeeping is hard, but success is sweet

Kristi (left) and Zac Taylor remove frames filled with honey from one of their successful beehives in Douglas, a week after collecting about 15 pounds of honey from their Powell hive. Photo courtesy of Tammy Taylor The jars brought to Douglas for the honey harvest were far from adequate, as the amount of honey harvested … Read more